Leather Furniture Repair Services NH:

  • Leather Furniture Restoration
  • Leather Couch Repair
  • Pet damage repair
  • Leather sofa stain removal
  • Oil and water stain removal
  • Button repair and replacement
  • Couch Seam Repair
  • Leather furniture Maintenance
  • Conditioning treatments
  • Leather Seam and stitch repair
  • Leather Furniture Cleaning Service
  • Leather Armchair Repair and Restoration
  • Leather Reupholstery service
  • Leather scratch repair
  • Leather couch tear repair
  • Restoring leather couch
  • Leather Chair Repair
conditioning treatment for leather sofa
arm chair leather restoration nh

Leather Repair Services in New Hampshire

Hub Leather Repair in NH and MA is your local leather sofa repair service for Nashua NH, available for hire to fix any of your leather furniture.​No matter what the damage, no matter how extensive, we will find a solution for your specific situation. There are often multiple ways to go about repairing or revitalizing your leather furniture, and we will present each of our customers with all the options so they can make a clear, educated decision on how they want to proceed. If you’ve invested in gorgeous high-end and pricey leather armchairs, office chairs or other pieces you use on a daily basis, then getting your item up to snuff is in your best interest.

Need leather refurbishing? Do you need to restore a leather couch in NH? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Custom leather office chair repair service nh

Other Types of Repair Services We Provide

Pet Scratch Repair

Leather furniture can often gets damaged by pets. Dogs might walk over your couches and leave footprints. If you’ve got a puppy then it’s likely that they’ll chew on your furniture. Cats deal the most destructive damage, as many cats like to pull on furniture with their claws. You may think that this damage is very extensive and that your couch has been destroyed. But don’t give up hope just yet! We’re here to tell you that any damage done by a pet can be repaired.

Just get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do!

Leather tear and cuts repairs

We don’t only deal with scratches from pets, we also specialize in repairing cuts and tears of all other kinds. It’s easy for accidents to happen, for something to slip and your nice leather couch to get cut or torn. Leather is generally a pretty durable material, but after enough wear and tear it can tend to loose color and get ripped. Lucky for all you residents of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, you’ve got us! You can trust us to efficiently deal with any rips and tears you may find in your leather furniture, and get your couch, armchair, sofa or whatever the piece of furniture may be, back in working condition.

Mobile Leather Furniture Fixes Nashua NH

The best part of our leather repair services is that you don’t necessarily have to send your furniture to our shop for it to get fixed. There are a whole multitude of problems that can be fixed with an on-the-spot fix by one of our leather repair experts. For more extensive damage, we will have to take your furniture in to the shop for a little deeper work, but for many things we’ll be able to fix your problems with an in-house repair.

If you’ve got a couch, bar stool, ottoman, sofa, or any other piece of leather furniture that’s been damaged, don’t hesitate to call us and make an appointment! Also fill out this for to get a Free Quote!