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Leather Couch Repair Nashua NH

Professional Leather Furniture Repair & Restoration Services.

Our service company has been providing expert leather furniture restoration services in MA and NH for over 25 years. When it comes to our experience, expertise and skill level with leather furniture repair, you won’t find a better company in New England. ​Protect, restore and maintain your beautiful expensive leather furniture with our specialty repair and conditioning services. Please see a complete list below of all our leather specialties, and reach out to us for a free quote on any of our services.

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expert leather couch repair service nashua nh


We specialize in the following leather furniture related services for our Southern New Hampshire customers:

leather couch repair Nashua NH

When you need expert reupholstery services, Hub Leather is the best in the biz. Expert services to replace the leather fabric on your furniture. Get a free quote today while searching for Reupholstery Near Me.

leather furniture cleaning

Our top-notch maintenance program provides in-home conditioning and cleaning for your high-end leather couches and sofas. Ask us today about our conditioning treatments.

leather furniture restoration Nashua NH

When you find tears, rips, stains, missing buttons, seams busted, or damage from everyday wear and tear, give us a call to schedule repairs and restoration. Always free quotes!

Recent Leather Projects:

stained white leather nh
cleaned white leather armchair nh

Before and After stain removal from white leather armchair.

armchair leather staining
cleaned leather armchair nh

Before and After stain removal, cleaning and conditioning leather sofa.

cat scratches on leather couch
cat scratches removed from leather sofa

Cat scratches completely removed from this leather recliner.

Areas We Service

We provide in-home leather conditioning, repair, stain removal and restoration services for all the following New Hampshire cities, towns and neighborhoods:

Nashua, Derry, Londonderry, Amherst, Hudson, Hollis, Brookline, Pelham, Merrimack, Litchfield, Milford, Salem, and more. 

Additionally, we offer full service restorations and upholstery at our leather shop located in Framingham MA.

What Our Customers Say:

“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how fabulous my chair and ottoman look! I keep walking into the room to stare at it! It’s hard to imagine the piece is over 40 years old; it looks brand-spanking new!!” 

~ Nancy F. 

“They are artists, and craftsmen at what they do. We are delighted with the work on our sofa and would recommend them highly. Very skilled in their profession. Can’t thank you enough.”

~Sherryl & Mike H.

“You guys did an AMAZING job on our two couches! Both were so damaged from cats scratching, kids climbing, dogs jumping up, and more than ten years of wear and tear. They came out looking like new! We can’t recommend you highly enough.”

~Rose R.

Call Us for Your Leather Furniture Repair

Welcome to Leather Repair NH, your local leather furniture restoration in Nashua NH and all of Southern New Hampshire. We specialize in caring for, restoring and repairing your leather furniture, from couches and armchairs, to footrests and ottomans.

Furniture is made of all kinds of materials these days, but many people still opt for the classic, reassuring feel of a good leather couch, armchair, ottoman, or bar stool. Leather furniture is no small investment, and is generally a very strong a durable material. However, if you want your leather furniture to last long without cracking, coming apart or getting ruined, you need to take good care of it. Cleaning leather furniture with the wrong cleaning agents can ruin the leather, making the color fade or allowing cracks and stains to develop, ruining the look of your furniture and making it look unappealing.

Give us a call today for a free quote on our leather restoration and repair services. 

leather couch stain removal treatment nh

Hiring an expert to deal with the repair and restoration of your leather furniture is a very important part of making sure that your furniture last as long as possible while staying in mint condition. It saves you from having to worry about when and how to clean or fix any possible damage that’s been done to them. Instead, you can leave the job to a group of experts who have been working with leather in all shapes and sizes for years. That’s us! Investing the well-being and longevity of your leather furniture is a choice you won’t regret. We like to say a person’s home is their castle, and should be treated as such.  Make your home your pride and joy by taking good care of your leather furniture investments and repairing any damaged or ruined pieces you may have, giving your home that complete, well-cared-for look you’ve been chasing.

Your Experts for All Things Leather Furniture Related

Couches – Sofas – Chairs – Sectionals – Ottomans – Recliners – Stools

Our professional leather repair shop tackles all manner of damage that can be found on your leather furniture. Many leather furniture owners with pets (cats or dogs, for example) tend to have problems with pet scratches ruining their furniture. While dogs might leave paw prints, and puppies might give your furniture a little chew, cats’ claws generally do the most extensive scratch damage to leather. The good news is that these scratches are fixable and can even be solved by a simple in-home repair from our leather repair professionals.

This is not the only type of issue that can be dealt with without having to move your furniture out of your home to a different location. In-home repairs can be done for a number of problems, including the removal of stains, replacing buttons, repairing seams and tears, as well as conditioning treatments to keep the leather shiny, robust and in good condition. All these are issues that can be easily taken care of at your home and will not take up loads of time or space. It’s easy to end up staining your leather furniture and it can be very irritating if you think that you’ve ruined your nice expensive piece of furniture. But never fear! Our team has been at it for almost 30 years now and we’re well-prepared to deal with any of these issues on the spot with an efficient in-home repair.

For any larger restoration projects, like a complete leather re-upholstery for your armchairs and couches, we run a leather repair shop located in Framingham MA fully equipped with the tools and material necessary to refurbish leather furniture. This is where we carry out more extensive repairs and restoration for leather furniture. For these types of situations, it takes a little more time and space so we wouldn’t be able to properly repair your furniture with a simple in-home fix. Don’t worry, though! Included in our service we provide a vehicle and driver to pick your furniture up from your home and drop it back off once it’s all fixed and ready for use again. When moving the furniture, we always make sure that it’s well covered and protected against any possible rain that could threaten to damage it. We also ensure a safe trip for your furniture with no chance of damage as it gets transported there and back again.

Types Of Leather Furniture We Repair

We love working with leather. Leather is not only an exceptionally durable material for furniture, but it gives the space it decorates a certain sophistication that makes it the ideal material for both living spaces and more formal settings such as offices. If you own leather furniture, then you might have noticed how all leather furniture has been made differently and no two pieces are exactly alike. Due to this, there’s not a “one size fits all” solution for repairing and revitalizing leather furniture. You’ll want a real leather professional to take care of the damage done to your leather furniture to ensure that you’ll get a good job done. And that’s where we come in!

At Hub Leather Repair NH we repair all sorts of furniture. When most people think of leather furniture the first things that come to mind are probably couches and armchairs. We do service couches and armchairs as well, but there are many more types of leather furniture that we specialize in revitalizing and repairing. Pretty much any type of furniture you have that’s upholstered in leather is eligible for our services.

Amongst the types of furniture we service, we include:

·        Leather Couches

·        Leather Sofa Repair

·        Leather Loveseats

·        Leather Chairs

·        Leather Office chairs

·        Leather Ottomans

·        Leather Chaise lounge chairs

·        Leather Barstools

·        Leather High back chairs

·        Leather Headboards

·        Leather Sectionals

·        Leather Recliners..and many more!

restored leather armchair nh

Why Choose NH Hub Leather Repair

When looking for a leather refurbishing company to take care of your leather furniture, you’ll want to find someone who’s not been doing the job for a while, knows their way around different types of leather, and is fully equipped with the necessary tools to execute a top notch, professional job.

Hub Leather Repair NH is a locally owned business, based in Framingham, Massachusetts and Nashua, New Hampshire, servicing customers all over Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 1993. We’re not some big conglomerate with tons of working branches that can’t properly monitor the quality of our work. We’re a local business that has worked long and hard hours perfecting our craft. We take our work very seriously and communicate face to face with each of our customers. Our number one priority is the satisfaction of those whose furniture we service.

When getting your furniture serviced by us, we don’t just leave you with your fixed couch and say “See ya later!” We also give advice and tips on how you can keep the leather on your furniture fresh, clean and healthy so that it lasts as long as it possibly can before needing to take it in for another fixing. We make sure that each owner knows the state of their furniture, what the options are for repair, and how to better care for their couches and armchairs in order to increase their longevity.

After you’ve been in the business as long as we have, issues start becoming familiar. We’ve been able to perfect out craft to the point where we can pinpoint the problem almost immediately and come up with solution. From cat scratches and bites to oil stains and cracks in your leather couch, we’ll be able to repair your furniture and give it that fresh look you want from a good piece of leather furniture. We know how to deal with leather like no others you’ll find in the New England area.

We’re available to all in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area for top quality leather furniture repair. Give us a call today, have a few photos of your furniture ready to email over, and get us to come over and give you exceptional repair service on your furniture.